Isabell von Ribbentrop

Pictet, London.
WOHN! DESIGN inspires me again and again with avant-garde and creative ideas on the subject of living and lifestyle. For me, the magazine embodies style and joie de vivre. W! D succeeds in combining the topics of living, art, culture and architecture in an entertaining way. A magazine that is not only convincing in word, but also visually.

Christophe delcourt

Designer, Paris
For me, WOHN! DESIGN is a compendium full of ideas. The magazine has an attractive layout with good graphics and is easy to read. I've followed its development for a long time - very interesting. It has grown, changed and is more relevant than ever. The reports cover a wide range and I think that the selection of designers represents the European scene well and in an authentic way.

Wava Carpenter

Chief editor and curator of the Pamono internet platform
The editors have a sensitive and empathetic eye for design. They don't follow any mainstream. I love looking at the furnishings and objects in each new issue. The presentation is exceptional.

Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda

Interior designer, Milan.
Behind every design there is a personality and WOHN! DESIGN reports on it as a matter of course by presenting exceptionally beautiful apartments and telling product stories. Above all, we like the way in which trends are conveyed, a good tool even for those readers who are exploring the design world for the first time - but also for insiders like us.

Piero Lissoni

WOHN! DESIGN has been with me for 25 years.
It is a good and inspiring partner with whom there is a lot to discover for me personally, but also for my work as an architect and designer.

Carsten Schneider

Design, architecture, communication
Design is less about the object than about people. This aspect comes into play in the reports from Wohn! Design. I find it exciting to find out how different people deal with design, how they integrate design into their everyday lives and express themselves through design. The language the editorial team chooses to convey design is clear, concise with a good dose of humor and sometimes with a hint of irony. Here I find myself again. At Wohn! Design, design is not just written about, design is lived here.
Nilgün Tasman, theater director, filmmaker, author WOHNDESIGN magazine reader

Nilgun Tasman

Theater director, filmmaker, author
The foreword actually says it all. Addressing social issues authentically, courageously and no gossip in the texts. Every word counts and there is always a cool product story. I LOVE IT!

Alexandra Lüttin

Pastry chef
I like the Wohn! Design magazine because, as a reader, I am picked up with a hug as soon as the foreword is finished. In addition, it is wonderfully shown how closely high craftsmanship and very good quality are linked. I feel how much togetherness makes it possible to come across as authentic. A booklet that makes me shine. Just wonderful.
Timm Hansen, Consultant WOHNDESIGN magazine reader

Timm Hansen

What I like about WD is the changing photo of the editor-in-chief in the editorial, the editorial itself, which is always worth reading, the awesome photos from the houses of the rich and beautiful, the overview of new releases on the furniture market, the linguistically well-made texts, and overall the fresh and unpretentious style of the magazine, which should be a little less "useful".

Carsten Grube-Fruechte

Cool / stylish / honest / design / perfect in text and images.

Barbara Gören-Wagner

Boutique Elisa Göttingen
For me it's the suggestions: accessories. Decoration. Recipes and tips ...!
Let yourself be inspired while chilled !!!

Prof. Florian Borkenhagen

Design methodology and product development
Dear WohnDesign-makers,

Kudos from my side: From a booklet that I didn't really notice (sorry), to a booklet that I like to take out and even read again and again - in a year. Special topics like Peter Beard and Thorsten Brinkmann are particularly nice. I also became a VanMoof driver through your test ..... Please keep it up ...