That’s us.

We may be smaller than some (but size is just smoke and mirrors right?), but we’re smart and quick, subjective and e
And we like ourselves – how we love the tasks that we have.
Anke Gungl and Sonja Lukenda are the editors, who along with Stephan Demmrich as editor-in-chief are responsible for the content, Ulrike Ehlers is responsible for the advertisements that we need in order to be able to go on journeys of discovery for you.



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Marion Lülfing
und Christian Peters


Editor in Chief: Dr. Stephan Demmrich
Tel. +49 711 96 666-412

Editor: Anke Gungl
Tel. +49 711 96 666-413

Editor: Sonja Lukenda
Tel. +49 711 96 666-414

Advertising Director: Ulrike Ehlers
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Subscription Management, Shopping Guide: Martin Lindner
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