Welcome to our latest issue:

Of course, we also make the case in this issue for desiring your own style and the boldness to shape your life with this desire. We offer you an overview ranging from the stylistic jumble to well-defined edges in the current style guide with the most fascinating furniture collections of 2020.
Meet creative, exciting people who help shape our present and future with their design.
Just let your mind wander in Germany, whether at the beach and sea or in Cologne, Saarlouis, Mannheim and elsewhere.
Reports on art, architectural treats and a good deal more. Take a look for yourself. Free entry.
There’s no such thing as too much inspiration – even from ourselves, because the world’s a big place and there’s constantly something new, exciting, inspiring.
But we’re always on the look out to discover the finer things in life for you.
Das neue WOHNDESIGN Magazin 02/2020 im Zeitschriftenhandel
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